3 Liquid Marijuana Recipes You Should Try Today!

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liquid marijuana recipes

Many have asked, are there healthier ways to consume Marijuana without burning it. These Liquid Marijuana Recipes is the answer you’re looking for.

Juicing Health Benefits

3 Liquid Marijuana Recipes You Should Try Today!

How do you know if you’re high? You’ve just tried out a great recipe and forgot to stop ;). While smoking or vaporizing cannabis can be used as a medical therapy. Juicing raw cannabis leaves helps get rid of diseases.  Juiced raw Cannabis leaves could even prevent illnesses before they manifest in your body.

Juicing raw leaves should be added to your breakfast. Coined as the “most important vegetable on the face of the planet” by many. It assists in maintaining your immune system balanced.

Drinking raw cannabis leaves provide anti-inflammatory benefits. Also improves bone metabolism and repairs neural functions.  Research has shown that Cannabis has helped stop cancer cell growth. It has been shown in lab tests to remove the cancer cells by starving the cell.

By juicing the raw Cannabis leaves, highly concentrated amount of Cannabinoid acids are released. Combine that with the perfect balance of fatty acid, helps improve your cell function and even eradicate damage from free radicals from your systems.

Juicing reduces inflammation and facilitates a two-way cellular communication. The cannabinoids released when juicing have anti-tumor properties.

Marijuana tea:

Liquid Marijuana Recipes to try

Many patients who smoke medical marijuana on a regular basis or occasionally, know of this traditional way of ingesting it.

Did you know that marijuana-infused tea is a milder, gentler healthier way to ingest the cannabinoids, THC and all the healthy Cannabis goodies?

Marijuana-infused tea has been growing in popularity.  Especially amongst those who are not able to ingest marijuana the conventional way. Some suffering from respiratory illnesses, or have some mouth or throat illness should consider making cannabis tea.

Cannabis infused drinks are not a new thing, history shows they’ve been around for a long time. Many prominent cultures have harnessed the healing properties of the cannabis plant to heal different type of diseases through tea.

In many Jamaican and East Indian homesteads cannabis-infused teas were given to pregnant woman. They drank cannabis teas to get rid of morning sickness and pregnancy-related stresses.  So when you’re feeling stressed out, have a cup of marijuana-infused tea and just chill out. Question: do you know all the Marijuana names


liquid marijuana recipes for everyone

Coming to our final marijuana liquid recipes, we’re moving on to infused drinks. Consuming weed has become trendy; you have your conventional smokers and those who choose to vape. Edibles are more commonly consumed these days as well.  For those who want to go up a level.

Drinking your weed gives you the same symptoms as edibles. A slower but longer buzz and you can drink where you want when you want. Without the stink eye looking your way. Let’s get to it, how do you make a weed-infused drink.

There are two rules. One, you have to dissolve the THC (weed) into some kind of fat and low heat that sucker.

The other option is using the tincture.

What’s tincture?

It’s a solution made when mixing THC weed with alcohol.  Allowing the THC to dissolve into the tincture. Making it active and easily gets absorbed into the bloodstream.

If you don’t have a contact that could get you some tincture, then here’s how to make it at home. Heat the cannabis in simple syrup. Add some vegetable glycerine to bond with the THC as a fat content source. If you have doubts about the process look it up online. Once you have obtained or produced the tincture you can go ahead and add it to any drink you wish. You will be rewarded with an awesome guilt and smoke-free buzz. Another interesting recipe is the cannabutter recipe


There you go! Three marijuana liquid recipes you can use today to get cannabis in your system. If you’re really into it why not try visiting a marijuana resortFor more, be sure to follow us on Facebook.


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