5 Stoner Accessories You Must Own!

5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own!

All stoners have those important items the simply can’t live without. Here are 5 Stoner Accessories You Must Own!

Stoner Accessories – Marijuana

5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own! Obviously, this is the most important item on the list to have. Without weed, there’s just no high. Hopefully, you have a weed dispensary close by to buy from when you run out. If not, please get hold of your weed guy.

A Stoner’s day can turn pretty bad when you get home and find your weed stash is depleted. This usually happens on a Monday after having a smoke fest the weekend before.

Hint– to make sure you don’t run out of weed, always keep a backup stash somewhere. If push comes to shove, find a friend that would share with you. After all, sharing is caring!

Stoner Accessories – Lighters


5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own! This is the most “misplaced” or stolen amongst stoners worldwide. That’s why a real stoner has a few lighters on hand to last throughout the night. It’s always wise to have a few cheap lighters with you that you can pass around while protecting your favorite lighter from disappearing into the crowd.


When you fail to have the proper tools it can be very frustrating. Some prefer matches to lighters but whatever you are comfortable using, be sure to have it on hand.

Stoner Accessories – Grinder and Stash Bag

 5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own! If you’re carrying weed on your person, it would be wise to have it in an odor-proof container or bag. It’s always handy to have a grinder close by for rolling a joint, vaping or just enjoying a bowl. There are hundreds of different styles of stash bags.

The Medtainer container is the best example. It combines the two important features needed. It’s a small air-and-watertight plastic container. It is great for everyday use. The air-tight container allows you to grind weed and store it without the fear of being caught. This is a great item to have in your stoner kit.


Stoner Accessories – Pipe, Paper or Vape Pen


5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own! Of course, a very important item is something to smoke with. Today there are many ways to smoke weed. You can buy a pipe or two, or you can make one out of something as simple as an apple.


A water bottle can make a great bong. If you just want to get high then there’s always the option of rolling a joint or to vape.

Stoner Accessories – Basic Grooming Necessities

 5 Stoner Essentials You Must Own! If you want to be a presentable stoner that always looks and smells good, you should have these basic items with you at all times. The main things needed are eye drops, lip balm, gum, hand sanitizer, hand cream and body spray.

You want to look, taste and smell fresh after a smoke session.


With these 5 Stoner Accessories You Must Own in your bag, you are well prepared not to stink like weed. It is not always easy for non-stoners to understand why you smell so strong. It is also wise to not have yellow fingers and a ganja breath when you go for a job interview.



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