Awesome Gifts for Stoners

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awesome gifts for stoners

Hey guys, what are awesome Gifts for Stoners? Well, we can help with that.

The Stoners coffee table book

Awesome Gifts for Stoners

A gift, specially designed for stoners. Light up and take a gander at this piece of literature. It has psychedelic pics to make the trip a gift that keeps on giving, every time.  It has conversational starters for when friends come over to get high.

Designed to keep a stoner occupied for a while and guaranteed to keep you highly occupied laughing.  Choose from awesome landscape views, to puppies. This Awesome Gifts for Stoners will be the thing to have when lighting up a joint. This awesome gift will definitely feed your mind munchies.


Weed referenced Road signs

Gifts for Stoners

Wished you could have given someone some direction in life, here’s how you do it. Give them a sign. There is a cool range of Funny Street signs that would be an awesome gift to give to a friend for his door or whatever, it’s a gift.

These cool street signs were once a “sign” of a more rebellious time. Since weed is becoming legal and more accepted by more people as being the associated with wellness living and healthier living aids.

Give a good friend a Funny street signs that says “stoner Blvd” for example.  This Awesome Gifts for Stoners is the best to give to that bud who loves a funny novelty weed related item. Why not have fun with it.

Stoner smoke & sketch book

stoners gifts

This Awesome Gifts for Stoners is the best gift you could give that friend who’s always doodles in a book after getting really high. This book is brain food to a stoner’s artistic hunger to create in the moment.  Blow their mind with this gift.

An artistic high can now be brought to light. This Stoner smoke & sketch book is the gift to give and receive. So go, get one. Get high (read our ways to get high and the good weed types to use for this) and capture your trip on paper.

The Frost pipe

awesome gifts for stoners

Now this is cool! A pipe made of ice that you can smoke out of. A cool, smooth, chilled smoke, every time. This pipe is best for people who still are still in the closet. It’s easy to make, and it leaves no evidence.  Just the plastic housing is left.

No one in their right mind would know that that was a pipe. There are however certain disadvantages to the Frost Pipe, the heat. So you will need to have a cooler close and keep the frost pipe right in there.

This is a great gift to have. The time takes to make and the rush to smoke it before it melts all together. I would only pull that ace out on special occasions with very special people. So there is a plus to the ice, special times with your special peeps. Also, check out our list of things to smoke weed out of for more ideas. 

Reach and Clean

Awesome Gifts for Stoners

This gift could be for those sloppy friends who come over and spill the bong water. You know who you are. This Cleaning kit product takes care of all the weed accident related stuff. That spilled weed.

All that sticky stuff gets stuck to your fingers after cleaning. This weed cleaning miracle could be the “I’m sorry I ruined your couch” gift you have been looking for. It takes care of mostly all weed related clean ups. Because were not all sloppy smokers.

Another cool idea of a gift is sending them to a marijuana resort (yes, there is such a thing). 

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