BC Big Bud strain review

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BC Big Bud strain review

BC Big bud Strain Review will consider different elements of the strain and would be broken down into different categories so that you can make an informed decision whenever you are out buying weed.


BC Big Bud strain review

Sativa Dominant Hybrid – 65% Sativa / 35% IndicaTHC: 12% – 16%

BC Big Bud is a Sativa dominant hybrid (65% sativa/35% indica) strain is a potent cross of the insanely popular Big Bud X Sativa strains. An indica dominant strain, that boasts a THC level ranging from 12-16% on average.

Not to be confused with its Indica ancestor “Big Bud”. The BC Big Bud is a descendant of the Big Bud strain. Created by British Columbia based growers, the BC Big Bud genetics was extracted from an unknown Sativa and crossed to produce what we now know as BC Big Bud.

The end result is an amazing fruity BC Big Bud twist of body and head highs. As its ancestor Big bud, BC Big Bud is rather famous for its exceptionally huge leaves and high yield at harvest time. The BC Big Bud has an average THC level of about 12% to 21% THC.

Types of high

The BC Big Bud quickly makes its presence known. It hits you around the eyes and forehead almost right after a puff or two. Some may feel a flush in the face and an increase in salivation. For others, the BC Big Bud strain may have you dwelling in idea mode for a while. Others may get verbal diarrhea and bounce from topic to topic. The BC Big Bud is great for kicking back on the couch or for doing those boring chores around the house.

The BC Big Bud strain is a combination of physical relaxation and mental. For those activities that demand your concentration. These include exercise, gaming or sex.  The BC Big Bud strain is great to enjoy throughout the day.

Although its best to avoid smoking BC Big Bud before going to bed cause BC Big Bud Sativa onset will keep you up and energetic because this is one of the good weed types

Aroma & Taste

BC Big Bud strainThe BC Big Bud flower has a musky aroma to it. A kind of pungent skunk scent to it.

Beneath, a dank earthy odor, remnants of the damp soil it was grown in. When grinding the large BC Big Bud nuggets up, it gives off a rich, spicy scent.

When smoking a BC Big Bud strain by joint or pipe, you get a hash puff of smoke that will literally bring a tear to your eye. While on the way out the smoke has a sweetish taste with a hint of pine to it.



BC Big Bud strain reviewThe BC Big Bud, true to its name has huge chunky like flowers. The buds have a round shape bud.  The BC Big Bud produces a bud slightly smaller than a golf ball. The leaves curl inwards toward the stem and are densely packed.  The BC Big Buds dark mossy green leaves sport tiny orange colored pistils.

A beautiful white covering of crystals decorates this marvel in white snow-like powder.  Difficult to break up by hand due to its high amount of sticky icky found on its leaves. We suggest you use some kind of grinding apparatus.

Negative effects

BC Big Bud has the usual side effects as any other cannabis strain would. For example, dry mouth, dry eyes and so forth.  but at the same time, it has many medical applications. It’s great for stress, and for people who have attention deficit disorders. It could help people focus and concentrate on one single task. BC Big Bud may help make that harsh depressive state go away for a while and give you a chance to relax and recharge yourself.

The BC Big Bud strain has been proven to aid in pain relief. Even for people with chronic conditions like Lupis. We also recommend you read our White gold marijuana strain review and our can weed kill you post. Plus whose up for some liquid marijuana recipes

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