Best Hits Blunt Compilation According to Me

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Best Hits Blunt Compilation According to Me

Best Hits Blunt Compilation According to Me

You’ve seen them, you’ve shared them and you love them. Today we’re doing a Hits Blunt Compilation that we found to be better than most.


Hits Blunt – So if you’re born deaf, what language do you think in?

Hit Blunts Memes

Great question? Do deaf people know in what language to think in. if they’ve never heard a sound. Hearing impaired people need the capacity to hear and then to speak. That’s how we learn, by imitating sounds and stuff.

The question is deep. For those of us who are not hearing impaired we’re motivated to ask, “hey, what language are you communicating in? There’s some kind of generic version of the language, when a deaf person from France meets a deaf person from Pakistan, could they understand each other?

The Hits Blunt Meme captivates the essence of this question perfectly. And if you like this you’d also like our weed shirts – have a look.

Hits Blunt – Do clothes in china say made around the corner or some shit?

Hit Blunts Memes 2

I bet it says “made at home” or its just blank on the inside of the clothing. Or it could just be the sizes printed in the back. I remember when things said made in Taiwan, and then later everything was made in china. I bet the tags have a line where you write your name on it. I guess if you’re the world supplier of shit, everything’s cheaper at your house.

If only 2% is milk, what’s the other 98%?

Best Hits Blunt Compilation

98% is a lot to question. The liquid we call 2 % milk has some stuff that makes no sense but we drink it anyway. Without a thought as to what’s in it. We just do as we are told to do.

I’ve known some people who drink it so they don’t gain weight but the joke is it’s made to feed a baby calf. So milk is supposed to make you huge. Well ordinary milk that is. Now we have a variety of  versions of the white substance we call milk. Full milk is kind of self-explanatory. But 2% milk, that’s where things get sketchy. So what is the 98% you’re digesting?

Hits Blunt – If lesbians get married , who’s last name do they use?

Hits Blunt Compilation

In the traditional sense of marriage. The woman takes the man’s last name. This has been the norm for years. Now that same sex marriages are on the rise and some shit still hasn’t been thought through.

If you’re in a homosexual relationship, things get a bit more complicated. I guess it would be up for the individual couple to decide but thinking on the premise from the perspective of the “traditional” sense of marriage, who will play the “man”.

Really, this is an irrelevant topic but still, it’s fun to play around with concepts as they do in the Hits Blunt Memes.

These Hits Blunt Memes were my personal picks, what are the ones that really stood out for you. Post them and I’d be more than happy to add them to the list. To do so, just like us on Facebook and submit your suggestion. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our list of things to smoke weed out of, the answer to can weed kill you and exactly how much weed can kill you because it’s always a good idea to know what to avoid.  


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