Best Weed Shirts you can own

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Best Weed Shirts you can own

Looking for awesome weed shirts or for some stoner gifts? We’ve got you covered.  Put one on and you are guaranteed to get a second look.

The weed shirt franchises have come along way since tie dye shirts were the “in-thing.” In today’s world, weed t shirts are represented by dozens of top quality brands.

While wearing a weed shirt you could be more visible in a crowd when out with friends. As cannabis is still illegal and some take offense to even a simple weed shirt.

Beware of the police, who might see this as an opportunity to go through your pockets looking for weed  or paraphernalia. For the simple fact that your wearing a weed shirt, you could potentially get harassed by law enforcement.

This, despite the fact that it is illegal to do so unless you are suspected of a crime…which, by wearing a shit…does not indicate anything of that nature.

Irrespective of the potential consequences, the shirts we’re about to show you are quite awesome so sit back and see which one you’d like best!

These weed shirts are also a great stoner gift for that someone with a great sense of humor.
Let’s start with the line-up. First up we have

I like big blunts and I cannot lie

Best Weed Shirts

A 100% cotton Californian Republic made weed shirt. Sporting the slogan “I Like Big Blunts and I Cannot Lie” across the from. This weed shirt is decorated in cannabis leaves and bunts. This classic blunt  shirt would make great addition to your weed shirt collection.

Weed Shirts: Addicted

cool weed shirtsThis high quality weed shirt, which could only be bought at shop4ever and will get people laughing. It is suggested that when getting one that you should rather get one size bigger than you typically choose.

This was taken from the comments on the store, so take heed people. Made of high quality material won’t fade the color for at least a few months after purchase. Available in hoodies to, show some love for Mary Jane and get an addicted weed shirt now. Also here are some other Marijuana names you should know.

Weed Shirts: Just hit it

Weed Shirts: Just hit it

Parody weed t shirts
One of the classics designs, the Nike parody weed shirt has amazing detail added to the tick. “Just hit it” is another great example of a great gift to give to your stoner buddy. This weed shirt would be great to add to their or your collection obviously.

Weed Shirts: In weed we trust

Weed Shirts: In weed we trust

An amazing modification of the American flag covered in cannabis leaves and joints as the stripes. Proudly show boating the slogan “In Weed We Trust” over the front of the weed shirt. I think it’s clear to say that this weed shirt is a must have.

Weed Shirts: Best Buds for couples

Best weed shirts for couples

The cutest weed shirts for couples or BFFs.
Two weed shirts are made in to a two part cannabis leaf. On one weed shirt it says best and the other weed shirt it says buds. So if walking along side your partner it reads best buds, a play on words obviously.

Weed Shirts: Weed Full Print

Weed Full PrintThis weed shirt is a collage of just pure green Cannabis leaf. That’s if you have the guts to rock this weed shirt in public. Some comments have been mentioned about this weed shirts quality being low and the material being stretchy. Do more research before buying anything on line.

Weed Shirts: I’d hit that

Cool Weed Shirts: I’d hit that

This beautiful high quality black weed shirt shows off a cannabis leave and a lit blunt with the words “I’d hit that” in between. A must have for that stoner weed shirt collection.

Weed Shirts: Hanging with my buds

Weed Shirts: Hanging with my budsThis weed shirt has a few bud heads drying out, or “hanging out with my buds” as the weed shirt is comments. A cute play on words to help brighten u your day.

Would have liked a shirt that says Will smoking a joint show up on a drug test? or “Did Walmart stop drug testing?” 

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