Blunt VS joint. Which one’s better?

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blunt vs joint

As we all know, there are many ways to consume weed. You can inhale it by vaping or smoking, or you can eat it as an edible or drink it in the form of juice.

When smoking cannabis or weed, you have a few choices to enjoy. You could smoke weed in a pipe, bong, roll a joint, blunts or just vape it.

Vaporisers are considered to be easier on the lungs as it doesn’t burn the bud and as a result creates no smoke. Vaporisers heat up to release the CBD, THC and other cannabinoids without burning it.

Bong and pipes are a little more of a health risk. The water in the bong chamber cools down the smoke, making it less harsh on your lungs and throat. A bong is good for groups or even solo toking.

For the old-school smokers, there is nothing like rolling a joint or a blunt. Blunt vs Joint – chilling with friends and watching the sunset or a movie, which would you choose? While this debate rages on, we’ll take a closer look at these iconic ways of smoking weed.

There is a difference between the two, and this is something that every weed smoker or stoner should know.

Blunt vs Joint – Let’s get started

Joints and blunts use different wraps

Blunt V.S joint. Which one’s better?

If you’re into rolling joints, its best to use a 32-pack rolling paper. They come in various lengths and are very thin. The longest commercial rolling paper you can find is in the 120’s and is over 120mm long.

Blunts use emptied out cigar wraps. This is a bit more work than a standard joint. After opening up the cigar and emptying the contents, it gets filled with weed.

They taste and feel different

Blunt Vs joint. Which one’s better?

Because blunts are rolled with cigar paper it makes it stronger than a joint. Cigar papers are used to wrap tobacco and naturally gives out more smoke than joint would.

Blunts come in different flavors. Because they are tobacco based, they also contain nicotine.   People usually buy cigar paper for this reason. Most users smoke blunts for the strong mix of cigar leaf and added flavors (berry, pineapple, etc.)

A joint on the other hand, is rolled with a thin paper made from plant fibers, like hemp for instance. Joint papers have its own distinct taste. Every puff delivers a true and sincere taste.

If you wish to add some flavor to your joint, flavored rolling papers are available. If you are like me and quit smoking cigarettes, better to avoid blunts as it can throw you right back again. As we continue with our blunt vs joint discussion, let’s take a closer look at blunts.

Blunts can pack way more weed

Blunt V.S joint. Which one’s better?

Cigar paper is much longer and wider. This means that you can stuff that blunt with a lot more weed than what a joint would handle.


A regular joint can hold 0.5-0.7 grams of weed. A regular blunt can handle 1.0-1.2 grams of marijuana. Some heavy smokers are known to load up to 3 grams of weed material into a blunt.

For those newbies out there, please stick to the medium-sized blunts. You don’t want to find yourself hugging the fridge for hours until the effect wears off. When a friend comes over and it’s your turn to roll, then I suggest rolling a blunt.

Joints burn a lot faster

Blunt V.S joint. Which one’s better?

Because joint paper is much thinner than blunt paper, it burns faster. A blunt will give you many more hits and you would be able to smoke longer. A joint on the other hand will burn out faster.

Burning joint

Blunt V.S joint. Which one’s better?

A blunt will give you a more potent high than a joint. A blunt contains more weed and has a slower burn. A tightly rolled joint can last up to 15 minutes, perfect for many friends and yourself.

Finally, it is up to you what you want to smoke, Blunt vs Joint. Both have great potential

Happy smoking people!

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