Can Weed kill you?

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Can Weed kill you?

Can weed kill you? Most people have said some very contradictory things about Cannabis in the last century. Marijuana is a relatively new drug in the science and research world. Some say it’s hard to find the information you can fully trust.

So which claims are true? The person that claims that marijuana takes hundreds of lives annually? Or do you believe the one who says it’s impossible to die from marijuana? Which do you believe? Can weed kill you?

The truth is that you can’t die from ingesting cannabis. Can weed kill you when your judgment was impaired because you were high? Some might think that the answer still remains ambiguous, in some sense.


Is it scientifically proven?

Can Weed kill you?

However, science has proven that marijuana is not the primary cause of death in human beings consuming cannabis. So, riding the couch and smoking pounds of mary jane won’t make you take the permanent nap.

Ok, now that we got that out there. Smoking marijuana while having a pre-existing cardiovascular problem could cause complications or even death.

The impairing side effect of smoking cannabis could cause car accidents when driving under the influence. In many cases where accidents happened, cannabis was mixed with other substances like alcohol or opioids.

Making cannabis the sole suspect in a murder case is hard to prove. So again, can weed kill you?

Whether by ingesting marijuana in large or small quantities, there would still not be enough THC to cause you to go into a comatose state of any kind.

However, researchers and scientist are still trying to figure this out. But we all know one thing for sure that you can’t smoke enough weed to kill you.

Weed Overdose Facts

Can Weed kill you?

Can You Die From Weed?

The DEA released a drug fact sheet which states that no weed related deaths have ever been reported. The LD-50 test which determines the dosage of Marijuana needed to kill a human being. The ratio is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. This means that you will need to use 20-40 time the amount of marijuana to overdose.

So let’s make this simple so weed smokers can understand. That’s more than 100 000 blunt hits in one session. That’s more cannabis than you could smoke in one lifetime.

Cannabis is however classified as a schedule 1 substance which falls in the same category as Heroin. Though cannabis is the least dangerous of all drugs it still has the stigma attached to it, that there’s a high risk of dying from a cannabis-induced death.

Can Weed kill you?

But we all know this to be a lie.

Because of the schedule 1 classification, it is still believed that marijuana should remain illegal. However, marijuana has been found to be one part of a cocktail of drugs consumed by a person. So marijuana cannot be blamed for death or even cause it.

So to overdose on cannabis would require you to smoke at least 20 to 40 thousand joins to die from cannabis. I doubt that anyone will or would even try to overdose on cannabis.

The mere fact that you want to get high and relax, do some stuff or just do nothing. Makes you conches of your life decisions and overdosing is not a cannabis smokers objective.

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