Chernobyl Strain Review

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Chernobyl Strain

The Chernobyl strain is composed of three separate marijuana strains; Subcool, Trainwreck and Aracata.

The idea of crossing Subcool with Trainwreck had almost become lost. The slow flowering Aracata is tall and has a high chance of gender bending. All of this changed the day that Subcool met Smokescreen, which provided a unique solution.

Finally, Subcool produced a plant that had all the better qualities of Trainwreck without the high chances of switching genders. Trainwreck was later crossed with Trinity. Pollination was taken care of by the male Jack the ripper, which is owned by Dioxide. Later yielded Chernobyl, the strain was High times 2010 strain of the year. It’s a long lasting, lime like tasting mind melting Sativa dominant hybrid.

Chernobyl Strain

Chernobyl Strain: Effects

This special strain’s effects could last up to 3 hours. It induces an intense energetic buzz and gives you a somewhat strong euphoric experience. Chernobyl has the capability to reduce nausea and increase your appetite. Stress and anxiety will be washed away. Chernobyl is also recommended for minor aches and migraines.

This strain has no negative effects; only positive. You will feel relaxed, you will unwind and still have energy to do what you need to do without that heavy lazy feeling that usually comes with smoking certain strains. So light up and enjoy. How do you know if you’re high – find out here and also make sure you know how much weed can kill you – you don’t want to risk it. 

Chernobyl Strain: Growing

Maintaining the height of its mother plant, Chernobyl responds well to being pruned. Need some support when it’s time for flowering. Topping Chernobyl early is best for an optimal yield. This type of plant strains should be pruned early and trained to take up less vertical space.  Chernobyl completes her flowering in about eight to nine weeks.

Chernobyl Strain: Stats

THC Content – 30.0% Highest Test

Average Sativa -13.5%

Chernobyl Highest Test -30.0%

Chernobyl Average – 22.0%

Common Usage -Anxiety, Depression

Chernobyl Strain: Medical Uses


This strain is great for when you feel bad and nausea is what you feel all the time. This could be what sets your body back into balance.

Loss of Appetite

This strain is great to get you eating again and bring back your appetite and eating regularly again.


For those who suffer from extreme pain and nothing pharmaceutical seems to help/ a few drags of Chernobyl and you won’t remember the pain you had. It gives you a break and time to recover.

Chernobyl Strain: Added Benefits


Chernobyl gives while it takes. You are able to function as normal. Sometimes you feel even better than before. Work gets done and you feel great. This strain does not affect your productivity at all.


Chernobyl could be the key to unlock those creative doors that been wedged shut. Chernobyl unlocks and floods the brain with the freedom of creativity with no doubts or limits. If you’re a free spirit and a creative soul then this strain is exactly what you need to release those ideas.


A cool smooth high with an energy based feeling so you’re not couch surfing for 3 hours’ straight. Your connected to what you feel with more intensity. The buzz is clean and transparent. There is no questioning the high, just going with the flow, loving every moment of the journey.


Your focus is sharp. Your thought pattern is crisp and instinctual. Execution is precise and what you want to create is created. Chernobyl takes away all those secondary doubtful thoughts and focussing becomes more natural


So there you have it. For more strain reviews, be sure to follow us on Facebook. Further reading: how long does a dab stay in your system and have some fun with our funny marijuana hits blunt

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