Different Marijuana Names You Should Know

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Different Marijuana Names You Should Know

Delicious strains to look out for when hunting

Let’s begin, for those who don’t know the word marijuana or cannabis, is just a title, or the general name.  Where most avid smokers refer to the name of the strain they smoke, more like the brand of cigarettes people smoke. Some names like Purple Kush comes up as an example.

For the “lost” who need to be enlightened a bit. There are many types of Cannabis strains to choose from each with their own unique positive effect on your body. If you haven’t yet toked up or spliffed-out before, “aka, smoked Weed”, then you should probably keep to the milder stuff for now. Training wheels people!

So you’re asking why should I know this? If you’re new, then this can act as a guide. And if you’re experienced, then this can act as a menu – and by the way, here are some delicious liquid marijuana recipes. Give the recipes and all of these good weed types a go! =)

Different Marijuana Names You Should Know – For Beginner and Pro!

Wonder woman:

Different Marijuana Names You Should Know

As the name suggests she is strong and packs a punch and will give you more or less a 25% to 27 % THC buzz. She wears her deep dark green gown with sweet white buds flowing.

Aurora Indica:

Different Marijuana Names You Should Know: Aurora Indica

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what happens when Afghan and Northern lights cross paths. She has enough THC and CBD to send you to your happy place. With her deep purple buds, light purple crystals, she has a sweet aroma and candied flavor to the pallet. She is easy to get along with and oh, she is divine!

Blue berry widow:

Marijuana Names You Should Know: Blue berry widow

Don’t let the name scare you, berries don’t bite. Now let me tell you about this pretty cobalt blue little thing. She will have you stuck on the couch and with her woodsy aroma; you will be reminiscing on the “good ol’ times.” She will take that stress right out of you and leave you in a euphoric state. She grows fast when grown indoors.

Purple Kush:

Marijuana Names: Purple Kush

This highly recommended famous Kush is potent. With 27.5% THC, and primarily an indica dominant strain, her grapey goodness will have you enjoying yourself to the max. Its medical application are;

  • It’s great for anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • and spasticity.


She will buzz you and leave you euphoric while soothing your symptoms. This is definitely one strain that should be on your list of “different marijuana names you should know.”

Sensi Star:

Marijuana Names: Sensi Star

This adorable cute plant shows off her red hairs with her light purple crystals. She has a 20 % THC in her that packs a punch. Being 90% Indica, she will relax you and place you in a euphoric wonderland. Her scent, a fruity earthy tone will sooth your anxiety, appetite loss, depression, insomnia, migraines, and pain while making your focus and creativity blossom.

Jock Horror: 

Marijuana names: Jock Horror

This green Sativa-dominant hybrid will give you a lingering high with its 24% THC levels and only 1% CBD. This beauty’s contact zone is cerebral and may be used to treat anxiety, depression, and chronic back pain.

Sour Girl:

Different Marijuana Names You Should Know: sour girl

She might have a sour name but don’t be fooled she was created by the Citizens Research Alliance for Therapeutics. Marketed as organically grown, she’s on High times list of the strongest strains on earth.

So there you have it, 7 of the different marijuana names you should know. So light up, have some vape pens for weed and do your thing. Peace. Oh and before I forget, we’re posting awesome stuff on Facebook everyday! Join us! PS: Here’s an interesting 420 friendly weed resort to check out. 

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