How Do You Know If You Are High?

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How Do You Know If You're High?

How do you know if you’re high? This is something those newbie stoners, especially first-time-smokers ask quite a lot.  You recognize the feeling and you melt into it, simple surrender.

Even experienced smokers have tried something new from their providers and perhaps felt nothing.

You sit around waiting to feel something, anything to happen only to find the effect is weak or slow.

How do you Know If You’re High


how do you know if you're high?

For most first time smokers the first time is usually anti-climactic. They don’t feel the full effects of the cannabis. This is because they don’t take in all the smoke into their lungs to be absorbed completely.

There are many ways to get high and many newbie smokers smoke a joint as if it were a cigarette which is the common rookie mistake. Another reason could be because their cannabinoid receptors are not quite as active as long-term smokers or even that they don’t recognize the sensation.  Ok, Assuming, that you hit that blunt right. So here’s what to look out for to know if you are high.

Your senses seem more altered

how do you know if you're high: altered senses

You are more in tune with your surroundings and at times colors are much more vivid. Music could sound too loud or distracting. Or you are just intrigued by something simple and find yourself focused on that item for a long time, or you have those high eyes, then you my friend are definitely high.

You feel a weird physical change

How do you know if you’re high

How Do You Know If You're High?

Marijuana gives a nice body high when smoked correctly. You could feel lighter than usual and nimbler. Sometimes depending on what you smoke, could leave you feeling the effects of gravity pulling on you. A more common effect is the feeling that everything is slowing down.

Then there the pulsing buzzing high sensation you feel when you are high. So it safe to say that if you feel a difference in your body then you definitely did something right.

Time and objects might become…funny.

A common side effect of smoking marijuana is that the way you see things become altered and humorous. You might be super focused on an activity and look at the time and realize that it has passed by so quickly. Or vice versa, time could stand still. You could think hours went by when mere minutes ticked on the clock.


How Do You Know If You're High: giggles

You suddenly feel the need to giggle at almost anything. Everything just seems funnier. When smoking with friends, themes come up which cause hours of fun and laughter.

Emotional shift

You might start to feel emotionally insecure, just a bit. You might be in a conversation and suddenly feel a shift in your thinking and emotional state. You become very introspective about everything around you. This isn’t always the case however it does occur in some people.

Additionally, when talking about mood disorders, the side effects of cannabis could help diminish the effects of your condition. This is probably why so many people suffering from mood disorders self medicate with marijuana.



How Do You Know If You're High: confusion

The simplest task could be a challenge at times. Your concentration will be limited to a matter of seconds. It would be advised that no serious activities be done when you find yourself in a state of confusion while high.  Smoking cannabis could affect the memory and concentration in some but might not have the confusion effect in others or nothing at all.


How Do You Know If You're High?

The heightened hunger is a common thing, I myself have sampled some cannabis strains that don’t give you an insaciable hunger. Whilst others make you eat everything in your fridge. Munchies has its benefits for people who have little to no appetite. Those cannabis strains that cause munchies will get them eating and healthy again. So if you have the urge to eat all you have then, your high my friend.


How Do You Know If You're High?

The number one sign of being high is that you feel totally relaxed. Your mind, body and soul just seem at ease. No worrying about anything for a while. Full on disconnection with the noise society makes. Just you relaxing, you and the good vibes, spending time on the couch. This is the perfect time to take a bath or listen to some music. Or simply nothing at all if you wish.

So if you felt the side effects listed then you were smoking the right way, if not, you might have been smoking really bad weed.

With this you should know the answer to: “How do you know if you’re high”

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