How is Hashish made

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How is Hashish made

Wondering how is hashish made? Don’t worry, today we’ll be taking you through the journey from the process to the history of how hashish is made. 

In today’s market, there are plenty of different enjoyable cannabis concentrates to choose from. For example, Cannabis oil, shatter, crumble, batter, Butane Honey Oil, Rick Simpson Oil. There are many different variants and surely you have a personal favourite concentrate. Depending on your age you might think back and remember the days when it was just weed or hash that was available to us.

What is Hashish really and How is it Made? What’s its potency like and how does it differ from other Cannabis concentrate products?

How is Hashish Made – What is Hash

Simply put, hash is a waxy product of when cannabis trichomes (the resin glans) are concentrated and compacted into a solid block. This is still probably the oldest and original method of making hash. In a manner of speaking you scrape the sticky cannabis resin off your hands after treating cannabis buds.

You can make hash by simply rubbing your hands together while caressing the Cannabis blooms in the palms of your hands. It’s a messy process but the reward is worth the sacrifice.

When you scrape all the bits together at the end and make a ball with it, you’re left with finger hash that’s equally enjoyable. Those who have experience in harvesting should know what I’m talking about. While clipping the buds, the hash collects on the blades after you’ve trimmed your plants. Now it is just a matter of scraping it off.

How is Hashish Made – The Process

You could make hash yourself with the water/ice method. What you will need is a vigorously stirred bucket of ice water. Now add the cannabis material to the moving ice. The stirring motion causes the resin glands to fall off and mix with the water.

Pass the ice water through a fine mesh filter collecting all the resin which is later dried. It would be best to do this process with a high THC strain of cannabis for the best results.

How is Hashish Made – The History

Hash has been used throughout history since the first humans noticed the curious sticky by-product from the Cannabis plant. Hash has many ways to be used. It can be smoked and even cookies can be made from it. It also can be used in other forms of edibles. Hash often contains about 40% THC potency so be careful not to get too high.

For most who love the rich aromatic scent of hash, smoke it for its uniqueness. It is easily stored or transported and doesn’t take up much space. In the 80’s hash was exported from some of the main production areas like Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

A unique hash seal was stamped on the block of hash. The Hash was later rolled in red or gold packaging before shipping. This market, however, has slowly disappeared from existence because cannabis is so easy to cultivate at home. Thus replacing hash with modern cannabis concentrates.

How is Hashish Made – Potency

A disadvantage of hash is that it contains plant material which limits the hash potency. Because of this limitation, people have begun exploring other forms to enjoy cannabis. THC can be found in many other rich Cannabis concentrates.

The concentrates produced today by processing cannabis has 50 to 80% more THC levels. That is twice the potency of conventional hash.

The modern method of making cannabis concentrates involve grinding up the buds and later washing them with a solvent to extract the Cannabinoids and the oils from the Cannabis plant.

The solvent typically contains ethanol, butane, isopropyl alcohol or supercritical carbon dioxide. The cannabis is ready to enjoy once the solvent has safely been removed from the mixture.

Various ways to enjoy your Cannabis concentrate.

Some smoke it in a vaporizer. Others make edibles form the Cannabis concentrate. There are many ways to use the concentrate at home.

Cannabis concentrates are quickly becoming more popular in the medical and the recreational spectrum. If you’ve stopped by a weed dispensary lately, you would have seen the range of cannabis concentrate delights they have on display for you to choose from. Hash is slowly losing in popularity, or so it seems when matched to normal Cannabis bud. Too many new smokers, hash is seen as an old-fashioned way to smoke weed.   But to the old-fashioned hash smoking fans; we know what hash is truly all about.


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