How Long Does a Dab Stay in Your System?

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How Long Does a Dab Stay in Your System

You have recently dabbed and you are thinking how long does a dab stay in your system. Or you might be having the thoughts of dabbing. More so you might have a few questions about how dabs differ from normal marijuana. There are many ways to get high but what happens afterward?

Do dabs show up in a standardized drug test? How long do dabs stay in your system, longer than other types of marijuana? Will dabbing make you fail a drug test? Can weed kill you?

Luckily we have those answers. We will explain why taking different dabs will have different effects on your body. How long THC stays present in your body and some give some pointers on how to try to clean your system. Remember that everyone is different. This might work for some but not for all. So how long does a dab stay in your system, we will try to make that clear.

What Is a Dab?

how long does a dab stay in your systemIf you’re still behind with the times a dab is a concentrated dose of Cannabis or Marijuana. Other names you might be familiar with. For example, wax, earwax, BHO (butane hash oil), shatter, budder, and honeycomb.

Smoking regular marijuana has been the norm but recently more people have moved to dabs. Dabs give a more concentrated punch of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC as its better known is a psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

This gives you that high feeling we experience when we smoke Cannabis. Marijuana in its normal bud form has about 12 to 13 percent of THC when smoked. Dabs, however, could range between 50% to 80% more potency in THC.  Meaning the high will be much stronger than smoking a normal marijuana joint. So be careful when dabbing. The immense high could be overwhelming for some. Especially if you recently began smoking Marijuana.

Do Dabs Stay in Your System Longer Than Other Forms of THC?

Because of the concentrated amounts of THC found in a single dab. Does that mean that the THC levels stay in your body longer than other forms of marijuana does?

Depends, smoking a dab means that you will have a huge trace of THC in your system, lasting a little longer than if you smoked marijuana in other forms.

Basically because of the concentration of THC in each dab hit.  It takes longer to leave the system completely and could take more time than other methods to leave your system.

How Long Does a Dab Stay in Your System?

how long does a dab stay in your systemThe question remains. How long does a dab stay in your system? What about other types of marijuana?  If you’re up for a drug test at work, you might want to keep reading.

Do dabs show up on a drug test? Dabs don’t actually show up on a drug test just its trace elements called THC. And yes a dab hit will cause you to fail a drug test.

The chart below will give you an indication on how test work with different cannabis (Marijuana) THC types and how long it will echo in your body. There are 3 types of drug test commonly used to evaluate the amount of THC present in the body.

These tests are urine, saliva, and hair. The most regularly used tests for THC in the body is the urine test. This test is also used for testing other types of drug.

This is the amount of time it takes to pass a drug test.

Saliva Test                            Urine Test                           Hair Test

Smoking                               1-12 hours                           1 to 15+ days                      7-90 days

Edible                                    12-48 hours                        2 to 15+ days                      7-90 days

Dab                                        1 to 15+ days                      7-90 days


As you can see time is needed for the THC to work itself out of the human system. For more information, be sure to check us out on Facebook and come back for more amazing cannabis content. If you’re curious to know which are the good weed types or just want to have some fun with our hits blunt, have a look around our site. 


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