How long does weed stay good

How long does weed stay good

We all have all eventually ended up asking the same question: “ How long does weed stay good ?” Sometimes you find hidden nuggets in a winter coat and you don’t know how long it had been there.

Like a fine wine or aged whiskey barrel, Cannabis ages best when kept in a cool dark place. While cannabis has no real expiration date, however, there are a few key elements you need to consider when storing cannabis over long periods of time.

Explore Marijuana Storage Options

  • Ideal Temperatures for Storing Cannabis

You will find that mildew and mold thrive on cannabis leaves when temperatures are between 77° to 86°f. Keeping the cannabis cool is of the utmost importance. Best is to stash your Cannabis in a cool dark place where it will help it last a long time.

Too much heat could dry out the cannabinoids and terpenes that took so long to develop. If the heat gets to the plant material it could dry out the cannabis and give you a harsh dry unpleasant smoke.

Lower temperatures slow down the process of manufacturing decarboxylation of cannabinoids in the cannabis material. This is the process that transfers THC-A into the psychoactive THC. This later degrades into CBN. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air.  This brings us to consider the following:

Humidity Factors for Cannabis Storage

How long does weed stay good? How long does weed stay good?

Controlling humidity is essential for keeping mildew, mold and other contaminants off your Cannabis stash. Keeping your humidity perfect can be a bit of a struggle.  To keep your cannabis crisp and fresh you will need to keep your cannabis reserves humidity at about 59% and 63% RH. When stored at regulated temperatures it gives the cannabis enhanced color consistency, great flavor, and aroma.       

If you bring the temperature to low it could make the buds become brittle. This dries out the essential cannabis oils in the cannabis itself.

Light Settings for Storing Cannabis

How long does weed stay good? How long does weed stay good?

Harsh UV rays break down the organic and synthetic materials that cannabis is made of. Just as a glass left in the sun all summer turns a different color because of light exposure. Another great example is when your car is parked outside in the sun and the paint starts to fade. Weed also experiences UV damaging, so storage is important.

Avoid direct sunlight to your cannabis

How long does weed stay good? How long does weed stay good?

A study conducted at a London University in 1970 confirmed that light was the biggest factor leading to the degrading of the quality of Cannabinoids.  The same study showed that cannabinoids are able to maintain their stability for 2 years when stored under the right conditions. In this way, the essential oils break down over time as they naturally should.

Air Control for Cannabis Storage

How long does weed stay good? How long does weed stay good?

Weed should be stored in airtight jars, but Cannabis needs oxygen during growing and curing too. Storing your cannabis in a container with just the right amount of air is critical in keeping the weed fresh and crisp. Having too little air in your container could also affect humidity especially if the buds haven’t dried completely. Mold starts building up on the buds in the container.

On the other hand, too much air would speed up the degradation process when the cannabinoids and plant matter are exposed to oxygen. There are various ways to extract the air from your container or jar to keep your cannabis material from aging.

How to Store Your Cannabis


  • store in a cool dry place out of the sun
  • Use glass jars to store your cannabis in; it has a neutral charge to light.
  • use hygrometers or products like Boveda to monitor and control RH levels
  • vacuum seal the jars and containers to minimize oxygen exposure
  • Don’t mix your strains to maintain their individual flavors distinctly.
  • Keep looking for better ways to store your cannabis. New products are available as the cannabis market is ever growing.

How Not to Store Your Cannabis


  • Don’t even think of using your refrigerator. The changes in temperature when opening and closing the fridge will cause mold and mildew on your buds.
  • The freezer is an even worse idea than the refrigerator. Freezing Cannabis would cause the trichomes to become hard and brittle and break off into pieces.
  • Plastic bags and containers are also a no-no. Plastic has static that could change the trichomes in the cannabis. If you must have to use a plastic bag and you have no other choice, use a plastic bag for small stashes and small quantities of cannabis material.
  • Never store your stash above or close to electronic appliances, they give off a substantial amount of heat. Instead store your cannabis in a low cupboard, shelf, or even in the basement of your house. Much like you would do with red wine.
  • Don’t store your paraphernalia with your cannabis stash. Don’t store things like pipes, grinders and other. The ash left behind in the pipe will linger and stink up the storage container. It’s good etiquette to keep your grooming tools separate, clean and tidy.

Other Factors for Storing Your Marijuana

How long does weed stay good? How long does weed stay good?

Products like edibles that are infused with cannabis, will need a different way to be stored. We recommend that you don’t store these items for long periods of time. Edibles should be handled and followed like any other food product.

There you have it, different ways to keep your cannabis fresh when putting it in long or short term storage. Make sure you follow the guidelines and hope everything keeps fresh.

Happy smoking people!

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