How to make Hash out of Kief in 5 easy steps

how to make hash out of kief

Anyone can learn how to make hash from kief.  What you will need is a glass jar, a piece of wax parchment paper and, of course, some kief. You should only use wax parchment paper when you use low temperatures as no other paper will deliver the desired result.

This paper allows low heat to penetrate and pressure to make hash. At higher temperatures, the parchment paper may contaminate the hash mixture. If the paper is heated too much, you could detect an unpleasant smell, indicating the release of toxins. This will make the hash useless.

Use industrial or commercial parchment paper that would withstand a huge amount of heat. In any case, be careful of overheating your parchment paper too much. This is the simplest method to make hash from kief. This method is better for off-the-grid living and cultivation.

How to Make Hash out of Kief – Items needed

By using this method, it will turn kief into extremely potent hash. This will also depend on the quality of kief used.


  • First and most important is Kief
  • Glass Jar (round) with a Lid that seals
  • Parchment Paper or Wax Paper, about half a page

How to Make Hash out of Kief – The Process

How to make Hash out of KiefPlace the kief you’re planning to use in the centre of the medium square of parchment or wax paper.

Fold the paper around the kief. Form a tight square or rectangular package. Use tape to seal it if needed.

Take out the glass jar you are going to use and fill it with hot water and replace lid. Remember safety first and use pot holders or a cloth that can grip the jar without it slipping from your hands.

Now place the paper you folded with the kief inside it on a flat surface. Press down and continuously roll the glass jar over the kief in the wax paper. The heat will cause the oils to turn into a waxy substance. Keep rolling for about 8-10 minutes.

How to make Hash out of Kief

Toss the paper in the fridge, the freezer, snow ice, etc. for about 30 -60 minutes to set. This makes it easy to peel the hash off the paper to avoid loss of material due to the paper.

How to make Hash out of KiefRemove the paper from the fridge unwrap and enjoy you homemade kief hash.


There you go, now you know how to make kief hash at home with stuff around the house that didn’t cost you anything. In just 5 simple steps and a little patience, you can make your kief and smoke it yourself, at home. Don’t forget to build up your kief reserve first.

How to make Hash out of KiefThis method is very similar to how another kief hash is made, but the technique is a little bit more creative. Let’s think of those who live in places where the hash is hard to find or it costs a lot to get high on hash. This home method is just what you need.

Hope this info will serve you well.


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