Let’s Talk About Weed Prices

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weed prices

The term “dime bag” has been used to describe weed prices. A dime bag refers to a $10 bag of weed. This term “dime bag” is used to measure Cannabis, is slowly fading away.

The most commonly used measurement of weed is weight. The weed prices depend on how much you are willing to buy in grams. The rest of the weed prices depend on their size of the purchase for example, an eighth, ounces, quarter and so on. Plus the type of weed also counts – for more details read our white gold marijuana strain review and the BC Big Bud strain review

I hope that you are familiar with the different weed prices per weight of the bag. If not, we will cover that. Even though, these terms for weed prices are slowly disappearing from our vocabulary. Many still use terms like nickel bags, or even the term dub. We will try to make sense of it all for you.

How Many Grams in a Dime Bag?

weed pricesOk, so here’s why the dime bag is disappearing from the weed prices list. Most people don’t know that a dime bag is not asset weight but a set dollar amount of weed, hence the weed price.

A dime bag was usually sold by the gram. This has changed dramatically. People buy a dime bag and it sometimes has less in it at times. Many dealers sell a little more or less depending on the weed prices of the market.

The quality however will differ, depending on the dealer and where you purchase your weed. For those who don’t know, a dime bag is supposed to weight bout 5.1 grams approximately. If you find a better hook up, this could change the weed prices game.

Weed Prices – Dime Bag Size

Traditionally most dime bags come in tiny Ziploc style bags. Sometimes it has an image on the bag.  The sizes of these bags are usually between 1 to 1.5 inch bags. A dime bag is just a simple $10 weed price paid for a certain amount of weed you can buy.

But these bags do not determine if it is a dime bag or not. The weed price is the important part. What you pay for what you get.

Nickel Bag

A nickel bag or as most call it “nicks’” is a smaller bag with a weed prices of $5 dollars of weed. This is the smallest amount of Cannabis that someone could sell you other than a gram. Most often the nickel bag is of a lower grade of cannabis.

That’s why the weed price is $5. A nickel bag usually comes to about a half a gram of low quality Cannabis.

Dub Sack

Dub sacks usually have a weed price of $20 dollars of Cannabis. The term dub comes from the term used to describe a 20inch rim. The dub sacks quality will differ depending on the quality of the product which in turn plays a huge role in the weed prices of the dub sacks. The dub sacks are slightly larger than the dime bag [2 inches x 2 inches in size.] The dub sack weighs about 1 to 3 grams of weed.

In conclusion

weed pricesThese references to the weed sizes of bags are slowly disappearing form the streets. More reliable forms of buying weed are available. Ensuring that you are getting exactly how much you’re paying for in grams. You can also save some time, effort and weed by using the rolling machine

As we want value for our money, dealers are using scales to measure the exact weed price to charge you. So there you have it, dime bags and nickel bags, soon to be gone with the ages. If you want more information surrounding this topic and to see some cool weed shirts, be sure to follow us on Facebook for more! 


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