The Rolling Machine

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The Rolling machine

The rolling machine is still the best development in a smoker’s aid. The pinnacle of smoker history. If you want that perfect joint then the joint rolling machine is perfect for you. Most people still love the old school “hands on” approach of rolling a joint.

Some choose the old ways and some choose to evolve. Personally I choose the Rolling Machine; it’s very handy. You don’t waste weed; you have more control on how the joint will be shaped.

Your technique will become more perfect. But on the other hand the rolling machine is only designed to have one mould of a joint. Straight and streamlined. No hassles no spilling of weed. No more lumpy-looking unprofessional zombie finger joints.

If you want to “up” you weed rolling skills, get a rolling machine and get a practicing. Now, let’s ask the following question; “What’s the best rolling machine for you.”

Rollup Rolling Machine:

the rolling machineOk, so this machine is the first on our list, it does it all for you. This machine is for the person who either has too little time or too little patience to role a joint. Simple add the weed in to the Rolling machine and wait. With all the hard work done, ready to light up and enjoy. The machine does all the finer details and executes perfectly. This is a good fit for the white gold marijuana strain – for more details read our white gold marijuana strain review.


The RAW Two-way rolling machine

Rolling machineThe RAW Two-way rolling machine comes in at second place on our list of Top Rolling Machines for stoners. Capturing the best of marijuana technology for stoners on the move.  Made with a hemp plastic fusion composite. Produced by the one of the worlds oldest Rolling machine factory. The Raw Two rolling machine has an adjustable setting for adjusting the girth of the joint. Giving you the choice between king size or king size slim depending on how much weed you have.

Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine

weed rolling machine

All over the world the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine is a well-known tool. With its four steps, its guaranteed to produce a great joint. It has been the smoker’s friend for a long time. Constructed from the best materials, the Zig-Zag Premium rolling machine has been designed to only fit 70cm sheets of paper which is a bummer when you want to smoke a little more. So if you’re ok with the size limit on the Zig-Zag paper, then ok, but if not then this might not be for you.

Elements Joint Roller

weed rolling machine 2 The Rolling Machine is another example of a long lasting top of the range tools for your smoking kit. Economically sound for the avid cannabis smoker. The Elements Rolling Machine is made from a high grade acrylic that’s long lasting. Light weight, for all those joint rolling scenarios you’d be covered.


Powermatic Rolling Machine

A rolling machineWhile technically it’s made for cigarettes’, doesn’t mean we can’t make it work for us. This bad boy will make rolling manually a thing of the past. Put the paper and the bud into the chamber and the Elements Rolling Machine does the rest. An upgrade to its previous model this however, has less motor kinks. It covers all blunt paper sizes. If you’re looking for quality then go get one. If the budget is tight, then you may have to save a little bit more, but worth the sacrifice.

There you have it folks the top 4 rolling machines you need to roll a perfect joint without all the fuss. For more be sure to follow us on Facebook where you will find a plethora of cannabis content. We deal with the rolling machine, joints, blunts, bongs and much more! Also we recommend you also check out our best ways to get high, more ways to get high and learn more about how to grind your weed without a grinder

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