Things to Smoke Weed Out of

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things to smoke weed out of

Learn How to Make Things to Smoke Out of At Home

Almost anything found at home can be used as a smoking device if needed. There are many things to smoke weed out of.

There’s always the option of buying a pipe, bong or paper to Smoke Weed Out of. Sometimes being creative though and making your own smoking devices can be great fun. Making your own smoking apparatus is also great for killing stoner boredom and can save you some bucks.

Of course, these smoking apparatuses are for short-term use only. It is designed for when you truly have an urgency to smoke but there is nothing to smoke with, or your pipe fell and broke. Sometimes you just feel like making something cool to smoke from.  Basically, there are tons of household Things to Smoke Weed Out of but today we are only covering 3.

Considering the current weed prices, it’s a good idea to save some money, no? Here’s the DIY stoners salvation to still get high by using what’s available. They are also awesome gifts for stoners (you don’t always have to spend money on things). 

The classic soda can pipe

Things to Smoke Weed Out of

Before you say eew! Let me explain. Smoking from aluminum isn’t all that bad for you. According to the Wesleyan Angus’ Ask a Professor column, “Perhaps you’re worried that the short-term memory loss, confusion, and paranoia are due to the aluminum? Most unlikely that the aluminum will do you any harm. Aluminum is a reactive metal. When exposed to the atmosphere it quickly forms a protective aluminum oxide surface above the other to prevent further reaction. Any smoke coming from the heating of the can will be in the form of oxide.

Maybe you’ll look a bit “weird smoking bud from a soda can; then again, if the need is there it serves great as an emergency pipe. And it’s one of the great ways to get high. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty soda can
  • A needle, pin, or any other sharp object
  • A Lighter
  • Bud

Things to smoke weed out of – How to make your pipe

  • Hold the rinsed out soda can in your palm. Use your thumb and push down into the middle of the can to make a small indentation in the can. Don’t press too hard or the can will fold in completely. Now take a sharp object to punch holes in the indentation of the can. That’s the space created to put the weed. Don’t make the holes too big or the weed will fall through. The holes should be made just big enough to allow air to flow through.
  • Next, punch a hole in the side of the can as your carb. While using a lighter flame gently burn the surface where the weed is placed. All or most harmful residue will be burnt away from the surface of the can.

Finally and the best of all, place the chosen herb to be burnt over the tiny holes. Place your finger over the carb and let it rip! That’s all there is to the soda can pipe.

Things to Smoke Weed Out of – The one-hitter pen


Things to Smoke Weed Out of


The one-hitter pen is easy to slip in and out of your pocket. It is perfect for that quick weed hit you need to keep you going.

To make you one-hitter pen is easy, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Grab any metal pen you can find with the tip, the barrel and the pen grip included.
  • A lighter
  • Bud

To get started, remove the pen grip and work it onto the one end of the barrel. Now grabbing the tip, push it to the opposite end with the pointy part facing inward. Feel free to use a hard surface to push down on to make sure it sits firmly.

After everything is put together you’ll notice that one side of the pen is more open than the other. That’s where the bud goes. Your mouthpiece will be on the tipping point of the pen. We also think you may like the weed rolling machine so have a look. 

That’s all for now folks. Hope this bit of information would be useful in keeping you high and innovative.

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