Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy

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Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy

We all love weed and all its paraphernalia that goes with it so here are some examples of the Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy.


Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy

A cool illustration of a stoned out bear. Happy and stoned to the max. Just look deep into Boo Boo’s red eyes, yep he’s high alright. A beloved childhood cartoon character pimped out with jewelry and a joint hanging from his mouth. his gold chain sporting the letters DGK, which stands for “Dirty Ghetto Kids”.  “Boo boo” a childhood hero, beloved for being a stoner a friend and too all.


Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy

Who said celebrities don’t get high after show time. Here we have a sincere image of Mickey Mouse with the word dope illustrated above his head.  Mickey looking happy with his red eyes and a satisfied look on his face. Somehow he looks happier than ever. Mikey representing, wearing the weed leaf with pride in the center of the word dope.

Roll up

Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can Buy

This is more statement than an image.  The roll-up sticker is more of a hint to a stoner, more of a reminder, to roll up a joint. The sticker sports the word “Roll Up” In bold, sleek white lettering which is resting against a Cannabis leaf. The message is clear.

420 pack of slaps “I love weed”

Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can BuyThis demonstrates a colorful display of creative weed art. High lighting the famous 420 logos attached to it.  The beloved 420 rests on a silver background giving the sticker a bit more definition. The phrase “I love weed” is proudly displayed below as the cannabis leave substitutes the heart. Mary Jane is overlapping a marijuana leaf in the upper right-hand corner. Slightly below, there is an image of a glass bong with Dabs overlaying the image

Bundle of 100 stickers

Top 5 Stoner Stickers You can BuyIf you don’t think this weed sticker bomb is awesome, you should have your eyes checked. If you look closely, you see a whole lot of detail. The first thing you’ll see is Bender, the character from the TV series, Futurama. He plays the alcoholic robot who lives with Philip .J. Fry in the cartoon series as his roommate and co-worker.

This sticker is an explosion of color and will keep the stoner occupied for quite a while. There are layers of images on top of one another. Concentration will be required when you are stoned and try to figure it out.

The bundle sticker is great for stoner friends or yourself if you want to sticker bomb your bedroom door. As a matter of fact, any surface can be sticker bombed. Be creative and fun, there are no limits.  Stick it on your car, on a window, or even on your laptop.

There are no rules in your own place. Be careful if you are outside though, the jungle rules are different. Cops could be lingering about.  As long as your happily gazing at the sticker, then why not?


Ok, there you have it.  The Top Five Stoner Stickers You can Buy for your personal sticker collection.

Happy smoking!



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