Try this Cannabutter Recipe and get Baking!

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cannabutter recipe

Here’s a cannabutter recipe you can make for yourself… We will try to help make it easy.

If you follow the instructions, we will show you how to make Cannabutter. The quality of the cannabutter will depend on the quality of the weed you’re using. Some like a mild kind of weed and others a little stronger. That depends on what you can handle or want to feel at the end of every day. TIP: this is one of the more awesome gifts for stoners so surprise someone with it, ok? 

I must insist, the stronger the herb the stronger the buzz. Choose the Cannabis strain carefully.

Cannabutter Recipe Overview

cannabutter recipeLike any recipe, the exact measurements of the ingredients determine the outcome of the item made. We will try to help you calculate the perfect recipe to make the perfect Cannabutter at home. We have 7 tips for getting the right THC dose and serving sizes for your recipes.

Step 1

To make top notch marijuana infused butter you need to release and fully activate the THC by heating the cannabis in an oven. This process is better known as decarboxylation. To decarb you cannabis you need to heat the oven to 20 degrees Celsius.

Put the marijuana (buds) on a baking sheet with sides in a single layer. Bake the Marijuana for about 40 minutes, making sure of an even heat dispersal. The cannabis bud will start to look dry and will become crumbly. Now it’s ready to be added to your butter or oil.

Step 2

Boil some water in a medium sized sauce pan. Be sure that the marijuana is floating about a half inch or 2 inches off the bottom of the saucepan in the water. When the water has started to boil, add the butter and allow it to dissolve completely. If you’re going to prepare an ounce of marijuana, then it is recommended that you use about 4 sticks of butter to every ounce of marijuana.  If you are planning to use a half an ounce of marijuana, we suggest that you use 2 sticks of butter.

Step 3

As soon as the butter has melted completely the marijuana should be added. When the marijuana has been added the heat should be turned down. A very low heat should be perfect, just under the simmer setting. The weed should be allowed to cook for about 3 hours. When the top of the mix turns all watery glossy and kind of thick, then it’s done.

The definitive Cannabis Lexicon: Dabs, fatties, trichomes and beyond — we all know the lingo, from alcohol extraction to zips.

Step 4

While the butter is cooking, go ahead and prepare a bowl to put the mixture in. suggesting that its best you us a heatproof bowl. Most used what is available like plastic food container.

Place a double layer of cheese cloth on top of the bowl and reinforce it with an elastic band string or tape.

Step 5

Poor out the marijuana mixture over the cheese cloth on the bowl. Strain out all the solids. Try not to spill anything. When all the contents of the saucepan have been drained undo the cloth. Grab the four corners of the cheese cloth and squeeze out the rest of the Cannabutter left in the heads of Cannabis.

Step 6

Allow the cannabutter mixture now to cool down for about an hour. Place the cannabutter in the refrigerator. Wait for the butter layer to rise to the top of the mixture and becomes solid. The THC ad other healthy properties have now bound to the butter and your almost done.

Step 7

Now stick a knife into the mixture but on the outsides of the pan and cut out the mixture. Place the Cannabuttet upside down on a surface and remove all excess cooking water. Now you have weed butter, ready to enjoy.

How do you know if you’re high after eating this? It’s not hard to tell and since this is so good we recommend you are careful since too much weed can kill you. How much weed can kill you? Click the link to find out. And on to more fun things, check out this hits blunt page. 


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