Ways to get high – Gear to Get You High

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Ways to get high – Gear to Get You High

Changing up the different ways to get high will help you diversify your experiences. Considering consistency, material and the likes will have an effect on the taste, air pressure and so forth.

The vast majority of 420 friendly folks get high by blunt or pipe. Well, here’s where things are going to get so much more interesting. You can consume your cannabis in as many ways you can imagine.

Ways to Get High – Wooden pipes:

Ways to get high – Gear to Get You High

For some it’s a convenient way to go. No waste when you puff, take a strong big drag and you get an even burn in the pipe. It’s a classic!

Ways to Get High – Bong:

Ways to Get High - Bong

If you’re home and getting high is all you are planning on doing, then load up a bowl and rip it. The bong gets you high because of the huge intake of THC at once. Also it’s enjoyed by many as it is passed around in a festive mood. Or by yourself, watching a movie at home.

Ways to Get High – Fruit challis:

Gear to Get You High: Fruit challis

This could be a hollowed out apple, carrot or orange. This is a more smooth and sweet taste to your session. The fruit takes away the hard smoky taste and gives a warm humid sweet tasting kiss as you smoke.

 Ways to Get High – Vaporizer:

Ways to get high:  Vaporizer

This option is best suited for the person on the move and you don’t want all the nitty gritty of the process and the second hand smoke. You load up the mulled weed and press a button and enjoy.

Ways to Get High – Wax Vape:

Ways to get high: Wax Vape

Wax and other forms of vaporizer-able goodies differ in process and effect. Wax is like the soul of Mary Jane. This is a concentrated amount of THC, which is one of the ways to get high that is not recommended for beginners, and I would suggest that you keep this for much later.

With Wax, you notice that it’s a clean head high that heightens your intellect, focus and attention span.  You are also more alert and in tune with your surroundings. Compared to the primitive but still enjoyed form of “smoking”, there’s no down, tired, super relaxed sensation or extreme munchies. You function as normal but high.

Ways to Get High – Glass pipe:

Gear to Get You High: Glass Pipe

Modern glass pipes just add to the pretty side of the aesthetics but is equally enjoyable. This is especially true when smoking a hydro strain or a “moon rock”. If you’re looking for something small and potent, this option could be for you.

If you really want to get high there are many ways to do that, what I suggest is that you find what makes you happy. Finding the best method for you is what works!

We are not barbarians my friends we are cognisors of something beautiful.  Therefore, I assume you have already smoked the blunt or a pipe of some sort. And by the way, check out our white gold marijuana strain review for something really special. 

This list is meant to act as a starting point for more novice stoners out there, showing you the different tools you can use to get high. Next time we’ll talk about the different forms of marijuana in our series “Ways to Get High”.

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