Ways to get high part 2: Different forms of weed.

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ways to get high

Oh weed, how could I smoke thee, let me count the ways. Many have heard the whispers of different ways to get high. We’re here to give you some options to get you nice and baked in more ways than one with different forms of weed.

Cannabis can be found in many forms and can be smoked or eaten, today as part of our ongoing series we will be focusing on three. We also recommend you check out the chernobyl strain; you won’t be sorry. And if you know people that are 420 friendly (for newcomers here’s what is 420 friendly) let them know about the rolling machine

Marijuana – Ways to get high

ways to get high

This is the cannabis plant in its most natural state. Grown in soil with nutrients depending on the growers’ choice of additives. The plant grows to mature and sprout heads with seed to reproduce unless it’s grown properly [pure females baby!]

The buds (heads) that grow from it later undergoes a process of pruning and care to get the best quality you can. The heads are dried and later smoked. This is the most common way to consuming cannabis.

The first time you light up and smoke it will most probably be a joint. Later you advance to more potent ways of smoking marijuana. The “heads” are the most potent part of the plant. It has a THC count that varies from strain to the strain.

Also depending on the growing process, if the plant was taken good care of; makes the difference on the type of cannabis you will yield at the end. The plant has a rich high five like spread open leaf.

It is not only for smoking.  The female produces THC in high counts. The female is what gives you the high. The male plant however is used for other stuff. Oils, plastic, and many other amazing things made out of hemp.

Clothing can be made out of hemp as well. Many believe that Hemp is the answer to our planetary problems. It can replace the need for producing petroleum from oil and is a great replacement for combustibles used in this day and age.

Marijuana has been here since before the age of man and will still be present in the future. However, marijuana has collected a lot of stigmas. These stigmas get attached to good people using cannabis as a means to an end to all their pains and illnesses.

On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies make their billions per year off said illnesses. Whereas it could have been cured and not just treated so you could live alongside the illness. Marijuana has been known to cure cancer and various other illnesses.

Pharmaceutical companies have been campaigning against marijuana as it will render their market irrelevant. Why pay millions to stay alive where you could just go on cannabis treatment and live longer and happier.

At the end of the day it’s your life. And you only have one.  Marijuana is usually smoked in pipe, paper or in bong or fruit challis.


ways to get high: hashish

Hash for short. Is a marijuana produced product.  Hash is made from the resin, of a Sativa or Indica cannabis plant. The Hash resin is dried into little blocks. Producing an oily but hard surfaced substance.

You can refer to hash by names distinct to its strain. Making it, each unique.  The different names of Hash are, black, goldseal black, redseal black, and Moroccan (Rocky for short). Most Hash smokers warm the hash, then, crumble it. Then rolled together with tobacco and smoked. Most smoke it in pipe, bong and chillum. To each their own way to enjoy a good Hash hit.

Hash oil

ways to get high: hash oil

Hash oil is much more potent than its other forms of marijuana. It’s extracted from its hash form. Its consistency, is a thick oily liquid to the touch. It’s comes in an assortment of colours, from gold to brown, even to black. Spread on the tip of or the paper of a joint and smoked that way.


We’ll be continuing with our list of different ways to get high next week where we’ll be talking about edibles, extracts and kief! Remember to follow us on Facebook and be sure to read more from our site (suggested: did Walmart stop drug testing?)


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