Ways to get high part 3: Wax and Kief

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Ways to get high part 3

Continuing with our series on “Ways to Get High”, today we’re doing a deeper look at Wax and Kief, two stellar ways to get high.


Ways to get high

There are many ways to smoke wax. Whether you’re using a rig, a vape pen or sprinkling it in your weed.

Wax has been gaining a lot of fame and attention. People are trying to find the best ways to get high smoking wax. Dabs [wax] is one of those great ways to get. Wax is a high concentration of THC that has been extracted from the marijuana plant.

High amounts of Cannabinoids are found in wax concentrates and are activated by heat. For those using medical marijuana, using wax allows you to get high doses of cannabis with the press of a button. This is especially good for people who need to manage pain, as you can medicate until you stop feeling your ailments.

What Wax is made of?

Ways to get high with wax

There are many delicious marijuana extracts out there that will definitely give you an amazing high. These are used for recreational or for medical applications. Wax can be found and consumed in different forms for example;

  • Shatter
  • Wax
  • Oil
  • Budder
  • Ice Wax
  • and dust.

These forms of Dab concentrates have different consistencies. Each method of extracting the wax THC oil from the Marijuana yields a different form of concentrate. Many use the Butane method to extract the wax THC oil from the marijuana plant.

There are however other cheaper ways to get high at home. You could make wax oil at home in a more economically. Waxing at home by using the rosin tech can produce wax but the quality and potency can be lacking. However, when you get it just right, just one more amazing way to get high. And just so you don’t overdo it, here’s how do you know if you’re high


ways to get high with kief

Let’s move on to kief and how it can be used as a way to get high

What Is Kief: The Best Ways to Get high using It.

Kief refers to the little sticky crystals that form on the leaves on the buds of the cannabis plant. This is an awesome way to get high by simply using the crystals naturally produced by the plant.

These crystal come from the many resin glands found on the surface of the Marijuana leaves.  Heavier strains [typically Indica] of Marijuana carry heavier effect in the Kief which makes for a great way to get high. The more potent the THC levels in the cannabinoids the better the high. Buying Kief can be expensive per gram, however, you can collect kief over time.

Kief can be made at home with the right marijuana and a good grinder. Most decent grinders have a screen at the bottom. This will filter the crystals and make a powder. This powder is kief!

So if you have the patience to harvest kief yourself, great. If not, you could source it and enjoy.  However, sourcing kief can become an expensive endeavor. Growers also can harvest kief after ever crop out.

That’s it for this section of ways to get high. Next week we’ll talk about Charras, Cannabis Oil and Edibles. Also worth reading is our cannabutter recipe – it’s pretty amazing!

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