Ways to get high pt 3 – Charas, Oils and edibles

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ways to get high

Continuing with our ways to get high series, today we’re going to be focusing on other types of cannabis out there. Today we’ll be focusing on some more exotic forms of cannabis.

Ways to Get High: Charas

ways to get highMarijuana, also known as “Ganja”, grows wild throughout the Northern part of India. With more preference of planting marijuana along the foot hills of the Himalayas.

Although still some forms of Cannabis is considered illegal in most parts of the world.  Some Cannabis products like bhang and Cannabis mixtures are still sold in government sanctioned shops with great popularity.

Charas is essentially live resin rolled into balls and can be used for consumption or even acts as currency in some parts of the Himalayas.

The Cultural Significance of Charas

Charas, as it is most popularly known, plays an important role in the Indian culture. In Hindi  religion, the Hindi god Shiva is well known for his love of Cannabis. Cannabis if freely used in the Hindu festival of Holi. Shaivs, a sect of Hinduism is devoted to the worship of lord Shiva smoke charas freely and openly as part of their religious practices.

Still practiced in modern times the charas is still used by young professionals and sadhus or as they are also known as religious ascetics. Usually it is smoked out of a small clay pipe called a chillum. Before lighting up they practice a religious chant.

Believers chant the names of Shiva in its many forms, paying homage to Shiva while lighting the chillum.  The Shiva sahasranama is a “well known list of a thousand names” used to exalt Shiva in his many forms.

Unlike the edible Cannabis based drink bhang. Charas is a hand rolled form of hashish which is smoked rather than ingested in liquid form. In India it’s more commonly practiced to use freshly harvested cannabis. As opposed to the western culture where the marijuana is dried and first cured.

Both charas and the bhang both require freshly cut cannabis V.S conventionally dried cannabis for its process. Charas is similar in that they are both concentrated form of cannabis. Whereas hash is usually made with dead dry cannabis flowers. However, charras, are made with freshly cut cannabis buds only a few weeks from full maturity. This is just one of the many ways to get high.

Cannabis Essential Oil

ways to get highCannabis essential oils are considered one of the most unusual oils because of the plant it is derived from. Even though Cannabis and Hemp have been used by our ancestors for thousands of years in many different forms of usable products, it, however, has the stigma of it being a “drug” hovering above it.

Contrary to belief, cannabis essential oils are a highly beneficial derivative of the Cannabis plant. It’s widely considered to be excellent in alleviating certain illnesses and conditions. It’s extracted from the marijuana plant by a form of steam distillation.

The flowers and buds and upper parts of the plant are used to produce the essential cannabis oils which are the plant’s cannabis genus.   Depending on the method of extraction, the oil can manifest in different consistencies and colors.

It’s the second component is also considered potent. It contains monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and includes other highly organic compounds. These essential cannabis oils are currently being produced globally. Definitely one of the great ways to get high! Be careful when you get those high eyes because it can get dangerous. Here’s how much weed can kill you.  

What exactly are edibles?

Edibles are THC infused baked goodies, in some shape or form. For example, you can find them in gummies, brownies or chocolate. There are four categories of edibles you can choose from.

Sativa only, indica only, hybrid (a mix of Sativa and indica) and of course pure CBD.

So then, what the heck are sativa and indica?

These terms describe the two primary strains of Cannabis. Think of it this way, sativa-high and indica- stoned (respectively).

Sativa is more functional, uplifting and energetic high. More of a head high, it helps to let out the creativity.  Indica, however, is a more heavy body high, which is synonymous with the trapped on the couch effect.  So if you’re planning on making yourself something tasty treats to eat on the go. Then please choose wisely.

All and all, edibles are sometimes the alternative way to ingest your cannabis products without using heat to activate the effects of cannabis. Not all of us can smoke weed, some have respiratory problems and can’t smoke cannabis.

So get creative people, edibles are fun ways to get high and enjoy your Cannabis. We also recommend you take a look at our BC Big Bud strain review and see these cool weed shirts

Good luck and happy munchies too all. And too all a great Spliff. Peace

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