What Are Good Weed Types

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Good weed types

Your Quality Guide to Selecting Cannabis. Know how to identify good weed types to stop buying schwag weed. Can you tell the visual difference between poor quality cannabis and good weed?

Today we will guide you on how not to make the same mistakes when purchasing weed types. We have recently recorded a podcast about identifying good from bad weed.

There’s is no exact science behind identifying which types of cannabis are bad. However, we will try to equip you with the knowledge to say no to a dealer when you’re not happy with what you’re being sold.

So next time you get handed a “bag of weed” you can analyze the cannabis yourself and be able to tell what type of weed it is (low, medium or high quality).

When picking out the best cannabis strains or good weed types there are a few things you should look out for. What you’re looking for when weed shopping are;

  • Good color
  • Great aroma and
  • A certain shape of cannabis bud.

Furthermore, you need to avoid defected cannabis products that have mold and mildew. Or even pest i.e. insects in the weed bag. Different qualities may be produced from the same plant. It all depends on the growing process. We recommend you take a look at the chernobyl strain and also read our BC Big Bud strain review

Many dispensaries separate the high growing buds from the lower hanging buds.

These “nugs” get sold at different prices and look like popcorns.

Like we made mention earlier, there are things to consider if you want to buy a good weed.

The cannabis smell is the first clue you should be looking out for. Also, know what effects you want out of your the weed.

That being said, the quality of the cannabis you buy will depend on where you are in the world and what’s available. Also it’s always good to know how to grind your weed without a grinder – some people like it better that way. 

Here are some examples of low qualities weeds

low qualities weeds

Low-quality Jack Herer shake weed. This is an example of a bad cannabis strain.

Also known by their many other names like shake weed, bottom shelf, popcorn, dirt weed, brick weed, ditch weed, Bobby Brown, etc.

These are often the bricks of cannabis you have probably heard about. This weed is a mix of stems and compressed buds. These are the weeds that are mostly sold on the black market. Shwag weed usually doesn’t have the good weed color that is very typical for good weed strains.

If the cannabis in the bag is brown, then put it down.

Examples of Medium-Quality Cannabis Buds

almost good weed types

Middle-quality White Widow cannabis bud can be used as an example

Also called: Mids, middle shelf, regs, Reggie, beasters, B+, work, etc.

Most mid range good weed types are mostly found in the states and Canada. They are grown with more care and cured completely.

These beautiful weed types can easily be identified by their rich green color and colorful pistils.  This weed type showcases a purple tinge and has moderate flavor profiles. Seeds and stems won’t be found in the mid-range types of Cannabis. Discounts are usually brokered when you buy a quarter ounce or half an ounce of mid-grade good weed cannabis.

Examples of High-Quality Cannabis Buds

Good weed types

Top Shelf GDP

Also called: Fire, primo, top shelf, loud, kill, chronic, dank, headies, flame, kine, kind, and a host of other regional naming trends.

Everyone claims to have the top quality Cannabis in their possession. The first thing to know is that top quality weed (good weed) will stand out in a sea of green. And while there are plenty of ways to get high the quality of the weed is the most important aspect.

The color and aroma will alert you to the top genetics used to grow this strain. This is a sign of a good weed that’s been taken cared of.

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