What Are High Eyes And Why Do You Get it?

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What are High Eyes and Why do you Get it?

The high eyes phenomenon is famously associated with smoking weed (try our liquid marijuana recipes). Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to avoid high eyes.

If you think, having high eyes is bad. Then you’re defiantly mistaken.

Smoking allergies?

What are High Eyes and Why do you Get it? Some have suggested that in fact, red eyes could be an allergic reaction to the cannabis smoke. According to some studies, there are people who are allergic to cannabis. Even tobacco smokers sometimes exhibit reddening of the eyes. So naturally, your eyes don’t like smoke in them.

This still doesn’t explain why we get high eyes even when ingesting edibles or vaping. Even those enthusiasts who consume their cannabis through tinctures, oils or edibles have the same cashed eyes experience. So just because you don’t smoke doesn’t mean the high eyes won’t show.

Red eyes are the reason cannabis heals glaucoma patients

What are High Eyes?

The main reason your eyes turn red is because of the  THC in cannabis. One of the things THC does in the body is it decreases blood pressure. Thus causing a lack of blood flow in the blood vessels of the eye and capillaries. In the eyes itself, a dilution is caused and this causes high eyes.

The THC in cannabis helps patients with the symptoms of glaucoma. It doesn’t take away the symptoms just makes it bearable. The THC in cannabis helps glaucoma patients from losing their sight. The THC relieves the pressure that builds up in the glaucoma patient’s eyes through the use of cannabis. It’s the same reason why your eyes get red when smoking. Glaucoma patients can feel better even after just an eighth of weed consumed. Here’s how much is an eighth of weed for reference.  

How to hide your high eyes

High EyesHaving red eyes is not a bad thing after all. This means that cannabis is acting in a medical capacity. There are solutions sold in pharmacies that are called eye drops. First, read the instructions and see if it has expired and so on. Open the bottle up, add the instructed amount of drops into the corner of the eye closest to the nose.

This makes it easier for you to drop it in. However, many people have their own technique when it comes to putting in eye drops.

Try not to blink as the drop grows under the eyelid. Now do the same in the other eye. If you’re too squeamish, get someone to help you. Now that you have both eyes closed with drops in them. Move your eyes in a circular motion to clean off all and any dust from the eye.

The eye drop solution will also relieve the pressure in the veins of the eyeball itself thus reducing pressure in the eye. After 5 minutes your high eyes will be a thing of the past. You will still be high though, but the high eyes telltale signs won’t be there anymore.

As you continue to smoke weed, you’ll most definitely get red eyes at one point in time. Note, this doesn’t happen to all people though. Some people can smoke weed without getting high eyes ever (we recommend using vape pens for weed).

Hope you enjoyed this article! Here are a few others that may interest you: how long does a dab stay in your system

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