What is 420 friendly?

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What is 420 friendly?

Better yet, are you 420 friendly?

Most people don’t know about this reference, yes we stoners have a code word which has been used to refer to some kind of weed related thing.  But what does it mean?

The Meaning of 420 Friendly

What is 420 friendly?

Lets take a close look. The term 420 friendly came from a group of students who were stoners  back in the day in California in 71. They were called the Waldos and this all happened in San Rafael. These guys had code word to meet at 4:20 at the Louis Pasteur that afternoon to have a session and so the term began to take root.  This is the origins of 420.

This blaze of fire spread like as if it was a secret war code and soon it was all over California. High time wrote an article explaining the terminology behind 420 and it took off.

Now let’s move onto what 420 Friendly means. 420 friendly is a very commonly used phrase where people can ask if someone is ok with weed smokers and smoking. It has many more applications. In the dating world, it is used to find someone else who smokes, to find someone who has a light when you need one. Did you also know that there is a 420 friendly weed resort?

In many ways the 420 friendly phrase takes away the weird feeling of asking straight out if you light up, blaze, toke or just plainly asking them under the radar if they partake without feeling weird about it.

However, if they are not familiar with the phrase then move along and life goes on.  It helps for folks to quickly identify who is on the “up and up” when it comes to partaking.

The Subtext of 420 Friendly

What is 420 friendly?

Basically, when people say that they are 420 friendly it means that they are ok with the consumption of marijuana. I know the negative stereotypes out there about how Cannabis is bad and all of that but I live this life knowing the truths and the lies and cannabis is a truth I am happy to support.

Marijuana has always been part of life, in the shadows, soon maybe in the next generation the word 420 friendly might get phased out with time as many more people are coming to know the truth about Cannabis. The laws are changing in respect to the uses of cannabis.

Something that was once a whisper in secret would now become a celebrated and shared event. You never know, maybe we can stop War all together. And why not start with some amazingly delicious cannabutter recipe and these liquid marijuana recipesWhile authorities would like you to believe the ills about cannabis, while promoting pharma alternatives.

Let them walk that path, live that life of lies and struggle. We are focusing on the guidance for the next generation who will inherit what’s left of a planet will become the teachers of peace and love.

So 420 friendly, is it a way of life? It’s a hint towards something better. It’s a code word and a matchmaking service. It’s something that is spreading throughout all parts of society and the world will be better for it.

What do you think? Drop us a comment on our Facebook page! And if you’re new to all of this, why not check out how much is an eighth of weed

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