Wondering how much weed can kill you

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how much weed it takes to overdose

Have you ever wondered how much weed can kill you? For many years marijuana has been thrown into the same pile of illegal substances called “drugs.” The world has had its reason but everything is changing. Marijuana has been said to lead to overdosing if taken in excess.

This, however, is not true. Many have died of drug-related accidents and no one in history has ever died from too much happiness or too much cannabis.

Look it up, still hasn’t happened. Yet the word marijuana has the stigma of a life taking drug. This will all soon change as the world is evolving to accept medical and recreational cannabis in a legal framework.

Some countries have begun tipping the domino’s. With this, the future looks greener for once. Getting back to the topic at hand. Could one overdose from too much Cannabis? the question is, how much weed can kill you. Well, let’s get to that.

We have seen a man take a 22-gram dab hit and live to brag about it. So its safe to say that it will be virtually impossible to overdose on Cannabis. Nonetheless, here’s how much is an eighth of weed so you can get an idea. If you or a friend starts getting those high eyes then pay attention and don’t go overboard (too much). 

How much weed can kill you?

Wondering how much weed can kill you

How much weed will it take to cause a grown human to overdose?

How was it determined that a particular substance could end a life? In 1988 an administrative law panel found that there was drug test done on an animal. Which was better known as the LD-50 rating. This rating showed the number of test animals that would die at a certain amount of toxicity used in the test. Basically to see how much toxins would kill 50% of life exposed to the toxin tested.

They eventually came to the conclusion that they could not do an accurate test on marijuana LD-50. They simply couldn’t give the test monkeys enough Cannabis to cause death.

So what they did was an estimate or guess the marijuana’s LD-50 overdose rating.  They “estimated” that the marijuana LD-50 is between 1:20,000 and 1:40,000.


How Many Joints Would It Take To Overdose?

How Many Joints Would It Take To OverdoseOverdosing on cannabis would be possible if you successful smoke 20 000 to 40 000 joints in 15 minutes. These joints would need to be above average joints to cause death. Studies have shown that each joint would need to be about 66 grams to cause something to happen. Other studies have shown that smoking a 32-gram joint should cause the desired result. But yet to no avail, no one has managed to accomplish what was told would pass when smoking an insane amount of cannabis.

Could you smoke 1,500 pounds of marijuana in 15 minutes? I doubt that that’s possible people.


Could Dabs Cause A Marijuana Overdose?

how much weed can kill youHow Much Weed Would It Take To Overdose?

Even with the high potency in dab concentrates would make it extremely difficult to use to overdose. Dabs are 3-4 times more potent than regular cannabis.

To even overdose on dab you would need hundreds of pounds of THC concentrate to get close to knock on heaven’s door. So you would need to consume hundreds of pounds of cannabis concentrate in 15 minutes to cause death. I don’t know about you but my vape pen can’t hold that much concentrate at once.  Many have passed out just smoking a few grams of wax. Image, you would really need to be determined if you’re going to use weed as the last fair well.

So there you have it, now you know how much weed can kill you…but you also know it’s not possible. So, with that out of the way here are some cool ways to get high and some nice looking weed shirts to look at :).

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